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Subjects covered include:
  • Useful information about pleural mesothelioma
  • Treatment options
  • Information about asbestos and exposure
  • Top pleural mesothelioma doctors
  • Impact of pleural mesothelioma among veterans

Reputable Medical and Scientific Sources

The content on relies on the latest findings from peer-reviewed medical journals, including:
  • The Annals of Thoracic Surgery
  • Molecular and Clinical Oncology
  • Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases
  • Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy
  • Journal of Thoracic Oncology


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The Research, Writing and Editing Process

The writer generates the idea, researches the subject matter in a variety of peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, reputable news organizations, government health-related databases, and consults with doctors and researchers for their professional perspectives.

A medical reviewer evaluates the content for accuracy, relevancy, appropriate medical language, grammar and readability.

Process for Medically Reviewing Content on

Oncologists and other health professionals partner with and review our content for medical accuracy. The Physicians’ Review Network Inc., a nationally recognized leader in providing independent medical reviews through its network of specialists, also partners with

At our request, medical reviewers consider the following guidelines when reviewing the information we provide to the public:
  • Are current standards of care reflected in our references to pleural mesothelioma treatment?
  • Are we providing medically accurate information?
  • Should our content be rewritten because it is too outdated or inaccurate?
  • Will a layperson who is not familiar with medical terminology understand the content?
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  • Are sources appropriate?
  • Is the grammar correct?
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